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It’s that time again! Heading back to school means school supply shopping and most importantly: a dental checkup. Some schools require a back-to-school dental exam. It’s important to schedule your child’s regular visits so any issues can be taken care of before school starts. Being proactive can prevent any absences caused by emergency appointments.

Kick off this school year with a healthy start! Here are some tasks you should scratch off your checklist:

1. Schedule a dental checkup

Schedule a checkup with our dentists here at Dr. Jeffrey P. Feffer & Associates. According the American Dental Association, children should have a checkup based on the dentist’s preference and the child’s health. You can expect our dentists to offer Xrays and do a thorough exam, looking for potential issues such as decay, weakened enamel, and cavities that need to be addressed before school starts.

2. Braces Consultation

Do you wonder if your child needs braces? Our dentists can help recommend a personalized care plan for your child, based on rate of growth and unique issues such as overcrowding or poor bite. If your child requires braces, we can place them on their teeth before school starts.

3. Oral Hygiene Routine

After a summer of late nights and loose schedules, your child’s routine may have been disrupted. It’s important to get your child back on track with their routine. Buy a new toothbrush while shopping for supplies and have them choose their favorite mouthwash. Ensure they’re brushing twice daily for at least two minutes and flossing daily.

By taking the time to schedule appointments and stock up on new oral hygiene products, your child can head back to school with a healthy smile. Schedule your child’s oral checkup before school starts by calling our office at 773-348-3668. If you have any questions, you can also reach us by emailing contactus@lakeviewdds.com. Our office is located at 561 W Diversey Pkwy, Suite 203, Chicago, IL 60614.