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Facilities & Equipment

Intraoral Cameras

Over the last five years, we have made substantial changes to the way that we practice clinical dentistry.  The ability to diagnose and treat dental conditions is heavily dependent on visual and tactile abilities.  Although I have practiced dentistry for many years with magnification over my glasses, we have incorporated intraoral digital cameras into our practice, which allows us to see the finest details before and after your treatment.  As part of your initial and periodic examination, I or our hygienist will take a series of images of the conditions inside your mouth, and store them permanently within your dental record for tracking over the years.  These images are displayed on our patient’s digital monitors so that we have excellent communication between all of us.

Digital X-Rays

Several years ago, we made the conversion from old style dental x-rays to the newer digital format.  I waited until the capabilities of the digital x-ray sensors became superior to conventional film.  The images use a fraction of the previously low dose of x-rays to take an image.   In addition, the sensor is more comfortable than old film x-rays. We have the same abilities as noted above; the ability to store images permanently, the ability to magnify, rotate, measure, and to see much more closely than in the past.  We are able to look at things together and can discuss together our findings.  You never have to say that you can not see, as on old small dental x-rays.  We simply have the ability to see better, diagnose better, and communicate better.

Office Redesign

As time goes on, the needs of an office space change.  Although we have a superior staff in terms of ability and harmony, as well as  technological systems to allow us to be more precise and communicative, the office was lacking proper space planning and comfort.  One year ago, the office was redesigned.  Gone are the old style dental-medical seating, the waiting room walls, the awkward crowding at the front desk at times due to a newly designed flow pattern and more open concept.  The office lighting has been upgraded to include sunlight chroma spectrum, colors have been changed to promote warmth and comfort.  We now have a living room to gather in prior to appointments, rather than an old style waiting room.  Flooring has been upgraded to a combination hardwood/carpet combination, with visual accents of stone walls to give a solid, artistic feel to the office.  In addition, we have a room dedicated to treatment planning, and patient consultation with enough seating for family members if desired.